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Giving leaders the framework to strengthen and grow their ability to connect, engage and develop successful teams… naturally! 

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About Marc

Meet Marc Tolliver

Marc has a unique way of blending life coaching with leadership training, utilizing skills developed and honed through more than 40 years of experience in the hair industry, as an actor, and leadership coach helping his clients to overcome their fears and step into their best selves by empowering the true leader within them.

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30 Day Journal



30 Day Journal

30 Day JOurnal

The #1 Secret Every Top Leader Knows That You Need To Know!

Ready to understand your reactions to the work you’re doing and to learn how to journal for the sake of uncovering and discovering who you are and how you relate to yourself and others as a leader?

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What They Say

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I own a Salon and Spa in Elmira Ontario, Canada. I have known and worked with Marc for over 10 years. Marc has supported and guided my to go deep inside and see my authentic self.
Lori Webber
Salon Owner
Marc is a fantastic coach. He never told me what I needed to do, but allowed me to discover that I knew what I was capable of doing and how I would achieve it
Tom Chapman
Global Barber Director

Marc is committed to giving back to Malama Aina

 One of our core values is a community, we are committed to an environment where we all feel like we belong, are welcome, acknowledged, friendly and at ease and we want to always stay true to who we are and what we do. 

How it Works

The relationship between leader and team has changed forever!

Because of this as a leader, you must now rely on how to be able to connect with your teams.  Now more than ever you have to be the REAL Deal in order to engage and keep people on your teams.

With my tried and proven framework, I make it all very simple & easy for you to be the leader that is required naturally.

  • Authenticity
  • Business Decisions vs Behavior Decisions
  • Information
  • Accept The New Self
  • Transformation
  • Education
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